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In the field of Maternity Nursing, based on the knowledge of motherhood, students learn about the meaning and roles of maternity nursing. Students aim to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to provide care for mothers, babies and their families.
In the field of Midwifery, students are trained to acquire the basic knowledge and skills required to become a professional midwife. Students learn about pregnancy, delivery, post-partum confinement and child rearing periods, as well as about mothers, babies (including fetuses) and families (This is an elective course offered from the 3rd year.)
In research, within the fields of maternity nursing and midwifery, each teacher is actively engaged in her own individual research themes. We aim to continue research that would contribute to the improvement in quality of education in the fields of maternity nursing and midwifery.

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  • YANO Keiko 矢野教授

Associate Professor

  • KITAHAMA Masami

Senior Assistant Professor

  • BODA Hitomi
  • YAMAZAKI Chisato

Assistant Professor

  • KAWABATA Kumiko


  • HIRATA Ayaka

Research Achievements

Research Activities

  • Natsuyama Y, Yano K. (2016). A survey on mothers coping behavior for crying of infant. The Bulletin of Meiji Unversity of Integrative Medichine, 15, 1-9.
  • Koishi M, Yano K, Fujita C, Oki T, Koujitani Y, Yamamoto A.(2013). 1st year report of the effect of non-smoking instruction to freshman nursing students. TheBulletin of Meiji Unversity of Integrative Medichine, 9, 19-22.